Global Village.

Only in Dubai can you travel the world in 3 hours… Via the Global Village.

I’ve been to Dubai many times but this is the first time I got to experience the awesomeness of the Global Village. A shopping festival in which countries from around the world converge and sell clothes, mementos, furniture, food and much more from their countries. I went to India, Spain, Egypt, Libya, Cambodia and so many others – it was fantastic!

It was great browsing through an authentic Indian bazaar and finding a restaurant selling delicious street food around the corner all within 2 minutes of each other. The England area had a historical photo booth, phone box, tattoo parlours and a clearance shop type stand – I guess that’s how we’re seen across the world LOL!

Highlight: An Egyptian man defined my personality by using my name and he was so accurate, it freaked me out. His explanation was:
Z – Co-operation
A – Love to travel
Y – Fair & Justice and Multi-tasking
N – Love food and drink. Plus if I love someone, I love them a lot and if I hate them then I hate them a lot (TRUTH)
A – Travel more than others as I have an A twice and a good talker

Lowlight: There’s not a great system in place as to where each country is located. India and Pakistan are miles apart, England is by Cambodia and it’s all a little confusing. I think arranging the stands geographically will add more fluidity to the festival and make it easier for shoppers.

A true global experience in a few short hours. I was only in Dubai for a day so I didn’t get to spend much time there but I’m going back next week so hopefully get to experience some more!



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